When you should consider going to Canada ?

When you should consider going to Canada ?

A beautiful country which is sparsely populated, Canada is a very popular country with many travellers around the world. With vast mountain ranges and snow-capped towns, it is a highly regarded destination for country and western music as well. However, when planning your trip to Canada, you should consider what you want to experience in this country.

A winter wonderland

A popular sport for generations, there are many worldwide destinations which have excellent skiing facilities. Although they are open
throughout the year, it is recommended that you should ski during the winter months. This is because high levels of snow fall on Canada.

The exact dates of when winter happens vary from one region to another and the amount of snow which falls also differs too. Calgary does not get much snow, whereas the Canadian Rockies has large levels of snow in high altitude areas. Whistler is synonymous with excessive snowfall, and skiing can be enjoyed there during May.
If you’re wondering when to go skiing, checking local data in regards to snowfall for the exact ski resort which you want to travel to is recommended.


If you like Johnny Cash, you’ll love this festival

Held annually every June in Toronto is the ‘North by North East Festival’. Widely regarded around the world as being one of the best music festivals, it isn’t just Canadian and American bands who play at this festival but artists who are from other countries, such as the United Kingdom.

North by North East Festival Canada

North by North East Festival Canada


Venues of differing sizes host gigs, and when you go to this festival you can also enjoy its film festival as well which is run in
conjunction with the National Film Board of Canada. As there are many opportunities to watch great films and see both independent and well-known bands, you are bound to enjoy this memorable festival because there is much to see and do.


When to go as temperatures start to soar

As with many Northern Hemisphere countries, Canada has a prolonged summer
which is normally very warm. Typically lasting from June through to August, temperatures can be high. As it is a vast country, the arrival of summer in one region varies from one to another.



In Toronto, the summer can last for longer than the aforementioned months, whereas cities on the coast have shorter summers. The strength of the heat itself can vary too.

The summers which happen in the northern regions can be cooler than what occurs in locations which are near the US border. As you may be wondering about when to go on holiday in Canada and you want to know the exact temperature for a certain location, it is recommended that you check the local  tourist board.