Traveling to Europe: when is it best to visit Paris?

Traveling to Europe: when is it best to visit Paris?

You have always wanted to visit Paris but you don’t know when it is the best time to go? Even if Paris is wonderful at any time of the year, each season has its advantages and disavantages. Here are some advice to visit Paris according to the season. Discover when it is best for you to go to Paris according to the type of visit you want.

Visiting Paris during winter

Even if the Parisian weather has the reputation to be really bad in winter, you might want to book your flight New York Paris at this time of the year because it is when you can find the cheapest airline tickets to France. Except for the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day, hotels’ prices are quite low.

Of course, you will need to pack some warm clothes and expect the days to be quite gloomy but, as there are not many tourists, you can enjoy many activities in the French capital. Moreover, visiting Paris under the Christmas lights is wonderful.

Alexandre III bridge in Paris  during winter

Visiting Paris during summer

The Parisian weather is much better in summer but there are also a lot of tourists. Prices for tickets and accommodation go up and lines to visit museums get longer. But you will be able to enjoy the nice weather and take long strolls in the numerous gardens and along the Seine river.

On the bright side, during the summer holidays, Parisians leave the city to go on vacation elsewhere. You will find numerous tourists but in general the city is a little less crowded.

Sacre Coeur in Paris in summer

Visiting Paris during spring and autumn

In between summer and winter, spring and autumn are also great to visit Paris. Autumn is a little cheaper, in spring prices go up slowly in preparation for summer. During these periods there are not many tourists and you can take your time to visit the city. The wheather can be chilly but ther could be some really nice days too.

As you understand, there are always advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing a time to visit Paris. It is up to you to decide if you prefer visiting the French capital under the sun or without tourists or during a specific time of the year.