Travelling to South Africa is an experience which is like no other

Travelling to South Africa is an experience which is like no other

South Africa is a vast country. Not only does it have an abundance of nature, but there are many urban areas which have numerous attractions. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend a very long time in South Africa or not; planning your trip in advance will enable your stay to be memorable. However, you may be unsure about when to go to South Africa and this depends on what you will actually  be doing.

Enjoying a safari

As there is much wildlife in South Africa, seeing it courtesy of a safari can often be difficult, especially if you haven’t travelled to this country before.


It is widely regarded that the best time to go to South Africa is from June through to September. This is because there is a lesser amount of vegetation and water. As animals and bird life forage for food and sustenance, greater migration occurs.

As there is minimal leaves and other fauna present, you will be able to clearly see animals because there are minimal shadows and obstructions.South africa safari


When to go in order to soak up the sun

The temperature and weather conditions in South Africa are generally very hot. Not only is it surrounded by ocean on three of its four sides, but this country also experiences low levels of rainfall as well.

Compared to a world average of 860mm per annum, it receives only half of this amount (464mm). With temperatures high in the summer, it can still be very warm during the winter. If you prefer temperatures which aren’t very hot but warm enough to get a sun tan, you can still benefit from temperatures of 17ºC in many areas during January, such as Bloemfontein and Johannesburg.


The many festivals which take place

Held throughout the year in this historic country are many festivals. As information about them are readily available on the internet, seeing the full schedule in advance before you embark on your trip will enable you to know what you can experience.

If you like Jazz music and you’re wondering about when to go in order to see local bands, the recommended time to go to this country is in March because of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

If you want to sample delicious shellfish, attending the Knysna Oyster Festival in July is highly recommended because there are many opportunities to taste the local delicacies.

With much to see and do in this bright and vibrant country, it continues to be the first choice of many travellers around the world.