When to go in Japan?

Himeji Castle Japan

Himeji Castle – Japan

One of the most frequent praises you will hear about the Japanese people is that they hate living apart. People are everywhere and they love helping out tourists. Truly it is a remarkable place and definitely a place you should visit for it offers much. Technology, farms, temples and animal reserves all wait for you in Japan.

The country lies in a region where all seasons are experienced. Its people are very proud of the seasons and tend to celebrate each one of them individually every year.
The different dishes, traditions, clothes and even plays change according to the season. So, when to go is not just a matter of climate, it’s a matter of what to see and enjoy during the seasons if you plan to visit this culturally diverse country.

Sweltering Summer

Summer begins in June and is mainly wet. From nearly mid-June to July end, you will get wet almost every day in the rain. Once the rain is over the environment gets hot and extremely humid. It becomes difficult to stay out and tour the city during this time of year. So, if you’re planning on when to go there, summer might not be an ideal time.

Hokkaido, mountaintop resorts such as Hakone, and the Japan Alps are all examples of cool places in the summer. August to September is typhoon season all across the country. Mostly during thunderstorms you will experience their fury but otherwise you are well off.

Awesome Autumn

At the end of September, autumn comes and is perhaps the best time to visit this place. The air is cool and you can experience the falling leaves that look wonderful under the deep blue sky.

Autumn also brings a number of festivals in Japan that are celebrated to thank nature for the harvest.

Wooing Winter

Much of Japan gets buried in snow during the winter which lasts till March. Even though Christmas is not a national Holiday here, it is still celebrated all across with illuminating lights.

New Year is a much anticipated holiday of the season and is a busy week for all transportation services as everyone is travelling.

Sweet Spring

Finally comes spring which is the time when everything is blooming and colourful. It is also the most visited time of the year for tourists. Mid-march to starting of April is when Spring Breakers celebrate their time off of school which makes it an ideal time for local families to move around the country, exploring the beauty of their country.

shojiko lake japan

Shojiko lake – Japan

All in all, Japan is a wonderful place to be in at any time of the year and a question like when to go should never arise.