Best time to visit Brasil, Costa Rica and Peru?

The best time to visit tourist destinations in South America can vary depending on factors such as weather, main destinations and the
activities you are into.

Costa Rica, Peru and Brasil are some of the destinations suitable for individual and family holidays. You may enjoy various activities and attractions such as backpacking, sightseeing, nature walks, cruises, tours, boat rides and shows.

Best time to visit Brasil

You can travel to Brazil during summer though the country is warm throughout the year. The high season runs from December to February with some rainy spells too. Easter is also a busy period in Brazil. During summer, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the main attractions.


Corcovado – Rio de Janeiro

Visit Iguazu Falls when the rainy season is at peak to experience its full might. The dry season runs from April to July where you can see the falls at its lowest or even completely dry. Visiting the Amazon and Pantanal can be done during the dry season from July to December.

Traveling to the south of Brasil is ideal during summer to take advantage of the beaches. Prices of food, flights and accommodation can be high during the winter from June. Accommodation can be fully booked too thus you should make your bookings early.


Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica experiences its high season in the summer and Easter. It is usually warm and conducive for persons escaping the cold weather. Summer runs from December to April and can be characterized by high prices and crowded beaches.

costa rica landscape

The best time to travel to Costa Rica could be when the season is low to avoid large crowds. The “Green Season” runs up to November from May. It is less busy and the cost of accommodation and food is cheaper. The season may experience sunny days but there are particularly wet areas in the southwest, northeast and Atlantic slopes.


Best Time to Visit Peru

The driest months in the mountain highlands of Peru begin in May through October. The summer attracts tourists from across the world. The wet season runs from November to mid April. June, July and August experiences a surge of visitors whereas May and September months can be good to see more of the country.

The coast, which includes Lima, Arequipa and Nasca is ideal for visiting the beach and getting a tan from December to April. Summer time is cooler at nighttime with temperatures dropping to freezing point.

Machu Picchu full Peru

Machu Picchu

The jungle experiences the dry season from April to October. There are fewer mosquitoes and the beaches are exposed due to the low rivers. The wet season runs from November to March and can be hot as well as humid with heavy rains.