How to prepare to go and study abroad?

How to prepare to go and study abroad?

Studying abroad for a few months or several years is always a big step and it is often the first big travel in the life of a student. Therefore, it is a special kind of travel and it has to be carefully prepared. In this article, we will give you some advice to properly prepare to go study abroad.

Choosing your school or university

The first step to properly prepare your time abroad is to choose where you are going to study. According to your age and level you will not look for the same things and it also depends on where you would like to go. If you are (or your child) in middle school or high school you can look for an international school such as the American School of Paris for example, or a school that teaches the international baccalaureate for instance. This can enable you to then go to a very good university or college.

If you have to choose a univeristy, then you have to look for a place that meets your wishes but also where you can attend classes because sometimes there are some conditions.

The key is to first look for where you actually want to go and then see if you can really go. Then starting from there you can broaden the area if needed.

Decide where you want to study to prepare your trip

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Gather information about your destination

Once you know where you are going to study, it is important to gather information about this place and the city and country in general. For example, it can be a good idea to know what will the weather be like when you are there so you can pack accordingly. You can also look for places to visit and special days or event that take place during your stay. It is also quite important to know if there are any traditions you should know about to be prepared.

It is also convenient to kow what the cost of living is to know if you need to apply for scholarships for example. You can also look up the location of the airport or station and where to go grocery shopping.

Anything that can make your arrival easier is a good idea not to feel lost and to be able to get the essential quite quickly.

Book your tickets

Finally you can book your tickets whether you want to travel by train or plane. If possible, you can also rent a room or appartment in advance so you have a place when you arrive there. If you know someone there to help you, it is even better. Another solution can be to look for student rooms or residences. They are often less expensive than a normal appartment.

And then you are ready to go!