Top 5 foods to try in the caribbean

We’ve always known the islands of the Caribbean for their natural beauty. White sand beaches, palm tress and crystal sea usually come to mind. But there are also other treasures to discover from this archipelago : the vibrant cuisine.

Here are some of the 5 dishes you must try before leaving the Caribbean!

Tourment d’amour

Tourment d’amour is the name of a traditional dry round cake from the Island of Les Saintes, located near Guadeloupe (French Caribbean).

This delicisous cake is filled with pure Caribbean flavors (vanilla, coconut jam and rum) and covered with genoise (soft sponge cake).

tourment d'amour


Saltfish accras

Accras are the most requested appetizer in West Indies. Accra is a fried dough ball composed of saltfish mixed with garlic, onion, thyme, hot pepper, egg, cuban oregano… A must-try dish!

saltfish accras


Chicken Colombo with rice

Colombo is a Caribbean curry powder used for a traditional recipe : chicken colombo!
Chicken is browned with Colombo powder and braised with onions, coconut milk, herbs and lemon juice.

This popular dish is served with white rice.

colombo chicken


Guava jam

Guava is a tasty tropical fruit rich in vitamine C and fiber. Guava can be served in dishes, prepared in cocktails or savoured as jam.

Don’t leave the Caribbean without trying the creamy pink guava jam, delicious on toast or crackers!

red guava


Coconut milk punch

Coconut milk punch is a creamy and delicious drink prepared with coconut milk, rum, vanilla and cinnamon. All the ingredients are mixed in a jug before being served in a little glass with ice.

coconut milk punch


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