When to go in Dominica Republic?

When to go in Dominica Republic?

Those who long to escape the excruciating winter cold and bask in the warm sunny tropical weather of the Dominica Republic would find that this can be done at any time of the year.

Normally temperatures do not significantly vary year round, lingering around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, there are other factors which may influence your decision on when to go to the Dominica Republic.

High and low seasons affecting decision on when to go in Dominica Republic

If you are in search of reasonably priced deals on airfare and accommodations you will be rewarded by traveling to the Dominican Republic for the period of the summer months covering May to October.

During this low season you will be exposed to more rainfall and higher humidity. Incidentally, some individuals consider this the best time to travel to the Dominica Republic. With higher rainfall, they will be able to enjoy waterfalls that look fuller and more impressive as well as tropical rain forest that become greener and thicker. Therefore, when to go to the Dominican Republic would in essence depend on what type of vacation you wish for.

catalina island

Catalina island

The high season is characterized by bigger crowds and completely booked hotels, resorts and other places of vacationing. During this time travelers should expect higher fares and it’s recommended that reservations be made two to three months ahead of a trip.


Activities and events affecting decision on when to go in Dominica Republic

Apart from the majesty and splendor of the country’s landscape and wildlife, the Dominica Republic also boasts a vibrant culture.

music festival dominica republicThose who  contemplate when to go to the Dominican Republic should look into the
holding of events so as to partake in them.
Santo Domingo carries out two carnivals every year and in the country as a whole, you will be able to enjoy two key merengue festivals and other celebrations that include a three day Latin music festival.

The month of July brings us the famous annual merengue festival where many people from South America and the world over attend. These days are filled with joyous moments of music to the beat of merengue, dance, food stalls and partying. Latin music lovers and party goers would love to visit the island at this time.


The two seasons of this country that go from November to April and May to October include the cool season and the rainy season respectively.
You are however warned that the hurricane season falls somewhere between June and November in this country that is situated within the hurricane belt. But with accessible modern and sophisticated hurricane warning systems, you will always be put on the alert sufficiently beforehand.