The South of France: attractive to visit at any time of year

The South of France: attractive to visit at any time of year

The south of France typically has warm winters and hot summers, so your best time to visit will depend on what weather you prefer and what you like to do on holiday.

If you are looking for a beach holiday you may chose summer, but to avoid the crowds go in spring or autumn. In winter there can be clear blue days, but a cold wind may blow for days are a time.

The south of France in High season

The whole of the mediterranean coast of France is very busy during the summer months of July and August in particular. One advantage of this season are that it is likely to be hot, but with pleasant sea breezes on the coast.

frioul island

Frioul island – Marseille

Another is that you will have the scents of the south, in particular from the resins of the pine trees which line much of the
south-eastern coast, the Côte d’Azur. If you drive through the countryside of the hinterland, especially in the evening, your nostrils
will be assailed by the intoxicating scents of the lavender fields.
It is no co-incidence that this part of France is where many of the finest perfumes in the world are produced.


Your best time to visit if you love wine

The grape harvest in the south of France stretches from late August until the end of October. This can be the best time to visit if you are a wine-lover. It is likely to be warm and sunny, but less hot than in high summer.

Visiting vineyards during the “vendange” – the harvest -is particularly interesting, and if you want a working holiday, you may be able to get a job helping to pick the grapes.

provence landscape

Typical vineyard of Provence

Visiting the south of France at other times of year

If you visit in the spring, the weather is less predictable than in summer -you should have sunny days, but also a greater chance of rain.
However, the biting insects such as mosquitos which accompany the summer heat will be absent, as will the crowds. In winter your experience will be different. You may even see snow!

The Mistral or the Tramontane (depending on which part of the south you are in) may blow. Both are very strong, cold winds, so this may be the best time to visit the South of France if you want to spend your time on indoor activities, such as visiting art galleries to see the works of those who painted the landscapes of this area.