Sampling the many delights of the Big Apple

Sampling the many delights of the Big Apple

Famous for its amazing skyline and the many films which have been shot there, New-York is a very popular destination. Otherwise known as the ‘City That Never Sleeps’, there is much to see and do in this wonderful location.

However, you might be wondering about when is the best time to go? Here are a few ideas which may help you with making your final decision.

Experiencing its many parks and natural wonders

When you want to see New-York’s infamous Central Park, there are certain months of the year which are recommended in which you should do this.

If you want to spend as much time as possible in this wonderful location, travelling to this city during the winter is not a good idea. As
temperatures regularly plummet to below zero and heavy snow fall occurs, experiencing New-York during the summer will enable you to enjoy Central Park as well as the many outside attractions which are found in this historic place.

As summer temperatures regularly reach 100F and humidity can often be a minimum of 90%, the free entertainment which is held in Central Park can be enjoyed for as long as you want to.

central park

Central Park – New York


Revelling in the many delights of Christmas

You can be like Kevin from ‘Home Alone 2’ by seeing the many delights of Christmas which this city has to offer. As in the aforementioned film, you can see the very large Christmas tree that Kevin longs to view.

Found in Rockefeller Square and sporting 30,000 lights, thousands of people every year flock to see this tree and it is recommended that you view it in order to get your very own photo which you’ll probably cherish.

As there are multiple shops which are adorned with Christmas decorations, you can also enjoy the many Department Store
Santa Claus’s. As any young person or adult who is a child-at-heart will love seeing Santa and his Elves, this much-loved character is found not just in Department Stores, but also in other public-facing areas as well. Spending time in New-York during the Christmas period is a memorable experience, especially as it regularly snows.

new york christmas


When is the best time to go when you want to keep costs down?

It is recommended that the best time to go to New-York when you’re on a budget is during the quieter months of the year. As the cost of hotel room’s skyrocket during Christmas and Thanksgiving, spending time in New-York during spring or early autumn is highly recommended.

As shops increase their prices at busier times of the year as well, travelling there when crowds have subsided will mean that you could find a bargain.

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