Best time to visit Russia?

Best time to visit Russia?

Russia has its main vacation and tourist season during the warmest temperatures of July and August. These months also spurt out the most rainfall with precipitation coming every 3 to 4 days. If you would like to evade the crowds and heavy rainfall, we urge you to select the period between May and October – excluding July and August as the best time to visit this wonderful country.

Winter as the Best Time to Visit Russia

Russia appears more scenic in winter. In December it’s like a winter wonderland. The winter months does have its ups and downs though. Snow is abundant in the early days of winter and you will delight in the clean fresh feeling that newly fallen snow brings; not to mention the chance to perhaps catch a ride on the famous horse-drawn sledge, the

snow RussiaAs winter subsides however, streets and pathways become slushy, muddy and sometimes dangerous. Around Moscow, cross-country skiing devotees twist through forests and maybe on other occasions skate-ski down the ice-covered Gulf of Finland in St. Petersburg. Dress in layers since temperatures can get close to or above freezing .

The obvious disadvantages, would be to carry along heavy suitcases. Moreover, those wishing to visit the many country palaces and other outdoor locations will be disappointed to see them close in winter. One particular benefit
of travelling in the winter is the opportunity to economise and encounter a greater likelihood of getting better service. If you dislike cold weather, then the best time to travel to Russia will be during the summer.

Other Seasons as the Best Time to Visit Russia

The primary vacation period comes in July and August. Don’t be surprise to witness temperatures reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit in certain areas. These hot temperatures can cause discomfort in a crowded city like Moscow.

In early July, there are days in St. Petersburg when the sun does not completely set creating a phenomenon known as ‘White Nights’.
This makes for a superb moment to visit the city. What’s more, you will be more in a position to avoid the masses by visiting in May, June, September. If you are in to festivals and concerts or culture on a whole, Moscow and St. Petersburg are both good options in May, June and July. The Summer Ballet Festival for instance, presents an excellent repertoire, displaying classical music along with a fine touch of modern choreography. This concert is offered annually from 13th June – 28th July 2012.

st petersbourg

The Winged Lions at Bans bridge – St.Petersburg

Russia is a large country of wonderful landscapes and spectacular scenery comprising eleven time zones spanning two continents. Therefore, you are advised to visit at your convenience and liking in order to enjoy the wonderful sites and coveted activities you wish to partake in.