Best time to visit China and South Asia

Best time to visit China and South Asia

Factors like avoiding large crowds and hot, humid weather would undeniably influence your decision in going to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.
China on the other hand is an enormous country having diverse climatic conditions, thus a decision regarding the best time to visit should be based on vacation location and the weather conditions you want to embrace.

Climatic Conditions – Important factor when going to Southeast Asia

Great Wall of ChinaClimatic conditions are an important factor to consider when planning your visit to Southeast Asia. Many prefer to select the period between November and February as the best time to vacation given the cooler and drier weather you will enjoy.

Average regional temperatures stay close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The heat peaks from March to June, with temperatures jumping to 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

Those who love diving surfing, sunbathing or hiking should know that the wet monsoon rains come in June and go on to October in most adjacent countries of southern China and south Asia.

The dry seasons of Indonesia and Malaysia however, appear from April to October. November to February is generally viewed as the best time to visit for those European and North American tourists wishing to escape their icy winters notwithstanding the high hotel rates and large multitudes they will encounter.

China and South Asia – Weather comparison cultural considerations

It is not sensible to include China and Southeast Asia in the same boots when it comes to evaluating weather conditions. In China summer runs from June to August and has temperatures that climb to well beyond 72F. Nanchang, Wuhan, Chongqing and Tianjin are well known for cooking up extremely hot temperatures.

Northern China can turn out to be very cold indeed and travelers about to take an excursion are usually advised to check the weather conditions of every city on the tour. By and large, the most relaxed season of the year is autumn running from September to October. That period would be blessed with very little rain and cool temperatures at around 50-72F. China is indeed a grand nation of various nationalities with each nationality having their own festivals.

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As a Chinese culture aficionado, you would want to visit China during the time the festival that interest you is being staged, not wanting to bother too much about weather conditions.

In visiting China and South Asia, you must carefully look at weather conditions and subsequently choose to travel at an appropriate time. What we frequently regard as being the most desirable seasons to vacation are also the most busy and crowded. So additionally, you must examine the advantages and disadvantages of both the high and low seasons.