Best time to go in Australia

Best time to go in Australia

Australia is an enormous and interesting country to visit, and even driving around on the coastal roads can take you months to complete approximately 20,000km.
When you visit the country, you will have plenty of things to do, which is why you must know the best time to go in Australia. The best
time largely depends on the climatic conditions. You must consider other factors too, such as the cost of flights, which are cheapest during mid April to late August, while trying to avoid times when Australians themselves are on vacation. For instance around Christmas and boxing day when everyone is in a rush and during school holidays.

Australia northern region

Australia northern regionGenerally, the best time to visit the northern region is during the cooler months,
normally May through September. Most of northern and western Australia
is popular with many visitors during this time of the year.
During this season, the region experiences occasional rain, and the day temperatures average 19 – 31 degrees C, while June through July are the busiest

This region also experiences their wet season from October through April, and when it gets too hot, you can expect extreme humidly and torrential rain. This is usually a very spectacular sight, yet it becomes very difficult to travel around this time due to flooding.


Australia southern region

The southern region is very popular with tourists during summertime. This is the best time to visit the region if you desire to ndertake outdoor activities since the weather is normally warm – hot, and of course, you can expect enough sunshine.

On the other hand, Tasmania is notably cooler than all the other regions during all the seasons.


Central Australia

This region experiences very hot summers, with temperatures that can go as high as 50 degrees C. Notably, many people in this region own underground homes, and consequently, visiting this region in summer is not recommended, and the best time to go to central Australia is April through September when the temperatures are cooler.

If you want to visit a couple of destinations around the southern hemisphere, the best time to go there is spring (September to November) or autumn (March to May), if you want to avoid extreme temperatures, both cold and heat.
June and July are the coolest months in this region, and at the same time, this is school holidays season with many travellers flocking many destinations across the country. If you do not like crowds, avoid going there between June and July.

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To summarise, you can visit any region in Australia at any time of the year, however some seasons offer a better travelling experience than others do. To strike a balance, avoid extreme weather seasons such as the heights of summer and winter, and instead go there during spring and autumn.