Going abroad : thought of taking an international data SIM card with you?

Going abroad : thought of taking an international data SIM card with you?

People may say the world has never been a more connected place, but is that really true if you don’t have an international data sim card on hand? A lot of the time, before heading off to foreign parts, people assume that they can simply rely on using a local Wi-Fi connection to download data. This may well be a suitable solution in many situations, especially in more urban settings and developed countries. However, what happens if you’re holidaying in a more remote location? Even in the western world, if you’re in a small village, a campsite or a self-catering property in a rural setting, there is absolutely no guarantee you will have easy access to a free Wi-Fi connection. It’s for precisely this kind of scenario that international data sim cards were designed. These can be easily inserted into a range of different devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. They can also be used in conjunction with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.


Make cross-channel communications easy with a France data sim card!

France is the world’s number one tourist destination, with tens of millions of people visiting the country each year. It’s also much favoured for rural stays – where there may not always be a free Wi-Fi connection readily to hand. If this is your worry, a France data sim card could be the answer to your problems. Once you’ve paid the up-front fee, you’ll no longer have to worry about hefty roaming charges – your device will be regarded as a ‘local’ one and you’ll only have to pay local rates for data usage as a result once you’ve used up your allocation. Your data sim card will not necessarily be only useable in France, you may be able to buy sim cards which can be used in a wide range of different countries – handy for holidays taking in several countries.

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